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In December I  was selected to be a part of Timberdoodle’s Blogger Review Team. Timberdoodle is my favorite curriculum supplier. The catalog is beautiful, informative and fun to read through. Their website offers even more.

Many products have a testimonial from homeschooling moms like me. When I pulled our kids out of public school two years ago, reviews by customers meant the most to me. No one is going to tell you their product is less-than-the-best. Moms however, will give you what did and did not work for them, and why. I hope this will help you find the curriculum that is best for your family.

I chose these three titles to review for one month:

Beginning Mathematical Reasoning DSC_9534

I chose this book for our PreK learner, Evan. He will be moving up to Kindergarten in the fall, and I want to include him more in workbooks. We used page protectors and dry-erase markers for each page. Evan seems to work easier with markers than pencils.


Evan is really enjoying this workbook! We have tried a few others, and he didn’t really take to them. Mathematical Reasoning however, is a hit!

This is not your thin, use-in-a-week kind of workbook, there are a beefy 235  pages!


Beginning Mathematical Reasoning has everything Evan will need to be ready for Kindergarten.



Red Herring Mysteries Level 1


I really like the Red Herring Mysteries, I chose it for our 5th grader, Hannah. The suggested grade level is 4-6. I am 32, and  am left scratching my head! I have never been very good at critical thinking, and am apparently even worse at critical questioning. This one is moving to our family time in the evening, right before our Bible devotional. I think Dad is better equipped at this one!


I actually thought I had this one. I didn’t. Would I recommend this product? Absolutely! You learn so much when you are challenged! I am hoping that our children will have much better reasoning skills than their mother.

Editor In Chief B1 


Editor in Chief was chosen for our oldest child, Christian. He is currently in the 8th grade.


I have been wanting a little more challenge for him in the grammar department, and this has really fit the bill. Each lesson has a themed paragraph. There are errors in content, spelling, mechanics and grammar.




There is an editing checklist in the introduction. Each lesson tells the student how many errors are present. There are 33 exercises, with answers in the back. Also included in the back is the help- Guide To Grammar, Usage, And Punctuation. This grammar guide covers the skills that you will find in Editor in Chief. Christian has found it challenging, yet enjoyable. He asks to do it!

All three titles have been a welcome addition to our homeschool. You can find other titles from Critical Thinking Press, as well as other Thinking Skills titles by clicking on them. There is a great selection of Language Arts and Math curriculum at Timberdoodle, or if you want all of the work done for you, they also offer Core Curriculum Kits for each grade level.

Head on over to Timberdoodle and request your free catalog, and watch a Vodcast today. You will see why Timberdoodle is my favorite! If you ever have a question, the customer service is fantastic!

*As a member of Timberdoodle’s Blogger Review Team I received a free copy of these books in exchange for an honest review.*

© 2011, Sam. All rights reserved.

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  1. melody says

    We are new to homeschooling and really would like to use Timberdoodle. Is there a d place that I can purchase used curriculum for my first grader.

    Thank yoy

    • says

      You can look on amazon or eBay and if you do a search, you will find many specialized sites that cater to used homeschool sales.

  2. Lelia says

    Do you usually get the whole curriculum, or do you buy each book separately to get a custom “Package”?

  3. says

    Just found you through The Homeschool Lounge. Timberdoodle has some excellent materials for homeschoolers. Loved reading your review. Have a blessed day!

  4. says

    A: Thank you for sharing the answer to the riddle. I was stumped and I hate not being able to figure those things out. :) B: Excellent reviews. I am not currently homeschooling, but it is something I toss around from time to time, so I find these kinds of info very helpful.

  5. says

    Maybe I don't count, but I thought this review was the most concise, well-written review you have done. Your attention to detail, organizational skills, analytical nature, and honesty, are the very things that make you a good reviewer, and a great homeschooling mom! Love, ~S.

  6. says

    hi sam

    they sound pretty good to me but what i was wondering about the math one does it show the kids how 1 + 1 = 2? with manipulatives? or dots or something? what did evan enjoy about his workbook?

    the one for your daughter- what exactly does critical thinking do for you? how does the workbook work? do you know what the end result will be?

    your older son- that one sounds real good!! you explain it real good!


  7. says

    I am glad you like homeschooling so much and it works for you : ) Very nice. The books sound interesting. I miss the kind of math that was in the pre k book. 5th grade math is killing me!

  8. says

    Thank you for sharing the review. Timberdoodle does sound like a great product. I know a few people who are homeschooling, I'll definitely tell them to take a look.

    Also I totally forgot about Leap Year. Doh! :-)

  9. says

    The,"Mathematical Reasoning" looks really fun and good idea about the page protectors…I like some of the other ideas that were discussed to on Conservative Homeschooler about using protectors, I think it was report covers with the back binders on them for a little extra sturdiness.

    Timberdoodle seems to have some really inexpensive curriculum for use!

  10. says

    Oh- yes! The husband and wife were married to each other. They were both born on February 29, a leap day. Their bdays only technically happen once every 4 years. They are actually both 100, but are celebrating only their 25th birthdays. 😀

  11. says

    I requested a catalog last week & couldn't believe all the homeschool materials they have. I plan to use them to order curriculum this Spring too. The options are almost overwhelming at times with the numerous choices out there. Thanks for a great review!