Finding Frugal-Prepping

A few weeks ago, I stumbled on some great ideas about prepping for meals other than the “make the whole recipe freezer cooking”, from my friend Tricia.

A little burned out on actual freezer cooking {and getting ready to do again for my SIL} I was excited to see these tips.

And smacked my forehead for never thinking of it myself! 


That hard-working friend, magical maker of meals, also becomes your prep chef! {huh?}

Planning meals in advance is great, but the meat is only fresh a short while. This is where the crock-pot comes in.

I went shopping for our weekly menu, and 85/15 ground beef was on sale. Usually, it’s 80/20. I bought enough for my meatloaf, taco meat, and lasagna.

I put away my groceries and then got to work. First up was assembling my meatloaf, which I then wrapped up and put in a freezer bag. The rest of the meat I threw in the crock-pot for 4 hours with an onion, and a splash of kosher salt, fresh ground pepper and some garlic.

It ended up on warm all. night. long.

The meat was so tender and flavorful, it would make a great sandwich. I didn’t need a sandwich so I labeled some bags and threw it in.


The end result “mistake” came out so well, that I am repeating it as long as the crock-pot isn’t immediately needed.

For me, I hate the idea of standing over the stove stirring meat endlessly. I often forget about it, and it gets all clumpy, hard and nasty. blech.

Even with only a stir or two, this meat still turned out fabulously, and required minimal work. I think I am going to need another crock-pot!

Do you have a meal prep tip? Link up and share!

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