The Office

I needed a space. Not a room, but a space. “The office” was in the living room, on our big wall, but it caused the furniture to be too cramped. I moved to the corner of the same room, but got booted for the Christmas tree.

I moved into the dining room, in the corner again, {perhaps it was a hint?} but as you can see below-not working. Not enough storage, not enough place to stretch out, and not inspiring.

I wanted somewhere that wasn’t closed in, was in the sight line of the kids, didn’t take up too much real estate, and was cost effective. {!!!}

Dreaming of a solution.




I happened to be dreaming as my husband perused. At the very same time!

When I started voicing my distress, and how I was going to go down in the hall of hoarders if something drastic didn’t change soon…he let me know he had been looking for a solution and hadn’t found one. He had planned on making it my Christmas gift. I had to start looking after that.

My solution?

Inexpensive track shelving from Lowe’s.



It took two trips to find the right configuration, and we made a trip to the big city for the accessories.

I love it!


The little touches, the splashes of color. I love it all. I saw so many designs online with lots of white-but that just doesn’t fit me, or our home. I really like the vintage look-also primitive.


A dresser now holds the wireless printer on the other side of the room, and the space saving chair scoots in close enough to not bother our dining room seating too much.

I love seeing other’s spaces, so I thought you would enjoy me sharing mine.

Shopping info-


3 large shelves & 2 small 





Wall art

magazine holders

picture frame


Hobby Lobby-

Glass tilt jar

Paper mache “K” {painted deep ocean blue}

Metal basket

Photo boxes

Linens and More for Less-

Orange fabric boxes


White “better binder”

From my house-

Glass jelly jar pencil cup

I left plenty of space to grow, no sense in building a space you fill up instantly. We can also build to the sides if needed, we made sure everything was completely centered on the wall.

Do you have your own office space? How do you make it work for you?


© 2011 – 2012, Sam. All rights reserved.

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  1. Skeen63 says

     I have a built in desk but no hutch. I, too, asked my husband about building a hutch, but wood is so expensive. Just showed this to my husband and he said he liked this much better. I like it because I wouldn’t be limited in shelf placement and I could change it around as often as I’d like to. :)

  2. says

    I love it! Great job making the most of the space you have, and the colors/style you chose go well with your paint color (can’t see the rest of your house to see general style – lol). My office space needed several trips to Ikea (not all at once), and it’s moved around the house several times, but I like where it is now. Well, except for when my hubby works from home and has conference calls.

  3. Iheartorganizing says

    Wow, looks right out of a magazine.  So incredible.  So lovely.  So functional!  I adore it!  Thank you so much for sharing!  Enjoy your new happy place!


  4. Christin says

    Oh I LOVE it!! Might need to get some of that there track shelving for my space! I have my desk downstairs but never go down there. It’s too uninspiring, but at the same time, I spread my “junk” all over our living room couches and it annoys everyone (including me). Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  5. Maranda says

    VERY nice =)  I love it!  I’m actually working on my itty bitty space.  I have had to face the fact that I am indeed a hoarder of ALL things homeschool!  HA!  There I said it…confession is good for the soul.  Right? =)

  6. Anonymous says

    Sam, I LOVE IT!  The colors are so beautiful….and cheery!  I want to make a few changes….hmmmm….now you’ve got me thinking!