“A Tremendous Thing”

When I started this blog, it was mainly for me. I never really dreamed anyone would want to listen to anything I might have to say. Soon after I started writing, we took our kids out of public school, and started this grand adventure called home education.

Most people around me thought {and still may think} we were crazy. Through other blogs I found like-minded families who also felt called by the Lord to teach their children at home. These blogs are where I found curriculum ideas, classroom ideas, examples of organization, and most of all-I found friendship.

In the world of blogging, we have our own voice, free to shout to the world. It’s a good thing- most of the time; but, amidst all of this feel-good, you can also find:

Egos. Peer pressure. Hurt feelings.

Things that hurt, isolate, and make you doubt who your friends are.

You’ve seen it too-

“You’re still on Blogger?” “Who do you write for?” “You do giveaways??”

{For the record- I just don’t like WordPress!!! I write for several other blogs, but I don’t have to.  And I love giveaways!} ***Now on Worpress and loving it!

Then you have the bloggers where every single time you read, you wonder why you ever wanted to follow the blog in the first place. The one with a perfect life: perfect house, perfect children, perfect neighborhood. The one that knows no bad day.

I know I don’t excel in every area. I don’t have all of the parenting questions answered. My house is no longer spotless each day. I eat too much chocolate. {especially on bad days}

I trip. I cry. I fail.

I try to share my failings with you, along with a few victories. 

Transparency is tough, but who wants to hang out with Miss Perfect anyway? I need some friends with junk in their closets too!

So I weed out the chaff.

I don’t continue to read blogs who never respond back. I don’t read blogs who only have fabulous days. I read the blogs whose writers convict me one day, and hug me the next. Not the airbrushed ones.

We can’t be real friends if we aren’t going to be real.

I want my blog to be a place to come and chat with a friend. I want to have good ideas and victories, but not every day starts {or ends} that way. Rejoice with me when I do something right {I can, I really can}, scrape me up when I am stuck on the floor, and tell me that God loves me anyway.

It isn’t about followers, subscribers, “likes”, or even comments. I love writing here because I love to write, and sharing with others makes me smile.

My online friends are a mix of big blogs, medium blogs, and itty-bitty blogs. Some have no blogs at all. I don’t care if you put your story on Blogger, WordPress, or Facebook-if you are my friend-I’ll follow you wherever you may go.

We need to be supportive, and real. How am I using my voice? To support, to encourage? I know I always have room to improve-that is the beauty of life. As for me, I am clinging to what feels most genuine. The rest I can leave behind.

“Oil and perfume make the heart glad, and the sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest counsel.” Proverbs 27:9

I am blessed to have some real friends who I may never meet, I cherish your friendship, and pray I bless you just a smidgen of what you bless me.





© 2011 – 2012, Sam. All rights reserved.

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  1. says

    So much relies on balance. Not always perfect, not always negative, up and downs… that’s what makes for a good friendship.  No pressure, edifying one another, picking up where you left off…  And now I am feeling like my comment is wandering and only making sense in my head. :)  SO, I’ll stop now but wanted to let you know that you, my friend, have been heard. And I love what you say and how you say it– keep being yourself and keep being real!

  2. Anonymous says

    Great post Sam!  Makes me wish I had kept my itty bitty blog with only 50 followers just because that’s where I can go to write about me and my home with the not so perfect life.  I hope I show who I am on my Kinder blog and I am SO glad that I met up with you and others who participate in the 3 in 30.  Have a great New Year and I hope to be reading more from you in 2012!


      • Anonymous says

        I could re-open it if I wanted to.  It was just hard for me to balance everything.  I now co-author a weight loss journey blog with a few friends and I have a few more liberties with that one.   So we’ll see how it goes. =)

  3. says

    Great post Sam! I feel the same way. When I first started blogging, I said I wanted a blog that showed the reality of homeschoolers. All the ones I had read portrayed perfection and left me feeling guilty, but now that I have become more established online,  I have seen that it is not always true. Many people are indeed “real”. I know the pressure for WordPress too. LOL! I was one who started on WordPress and moved to Blogger a year later while everyone else was going the other way. I am glad I did. My audience (thanks to Google Search) exploded. I might have had more options with themes with WP, but as far as audience goes, blogger was the right choice for me. Have a blessed New Year! I am so glad I got to know you better at HHM.