It’s Friday again. Time to set a five minute timer and spill words onto the page.


Each day is a gift from the Lord. None of us would be here without His will. I have felt lately that my study and prayer have been pushed to the back burner in favor of using my time for what I want to do.

I’ll regret that if I don’t change it.

I am a Christian, I need to fill myself with the Word, with the truths the Word contains. My spiritual maturity relies on my digging into the Word each and every day.

I have made some good strides with that in the last month, but I need to keep this my number one priority.

Nothing can be more important in my life than the time I spend with the One who I want to spend eternity with. My actions must reflect that.


Today was a hard one! I look back and see how few words I wrote, but the heart changes being made can fill a book.


I hope you’ll join us this week!

© 2012, Sam. All rights reserved.

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    Oh, my goodness, Sam – you are speaking my heart! As you said “my study and prayer have been pushed to the back burner” – I’ve also been guilty of this and I even reminded myself last week that nothing was more important than those 20 minutes in the morning. And, then the next morning, I got caught up in the business of the day and promptly forgot again. I’m so thankful that I serve a God of second chances (and, third, fourth, fifth…) Great post!
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    Yep, yep, yep — I’m always striving to conquer that area and keep priorities straight. God has got to be number one in my day. I totally suffer when I miss that discipline. My day is a miss. Thanks for the perfect call out to pay attention to that area even more tenderly.
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    I made a decision in February, that I was not spending enough with my Creator. I set my alarm and SURPRISE, I was awoken 30 minutes earlier than the alarm. This has happened everyday (even Saturday and Sunday). HE is good and my helper. I sometimes get awoken an hour earlier and spend some of that time talking and asking HIM what He is seeking from me, since He woke me for a reason. Then I spend time doing my study or devotion.

    He is faithful and I feel that more as I spend this time with Him.

    By the way, the house went on the market on a Thursday night, showing Friday noon and offer by Saturday evening had an off. HE is good and faithful.

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    It’s so easy to start with what I feel is important and admittedly, I often rush through a scripture or devotion to get to that part. Yet, as you’ve said here, nothing is more important than spending that time with the one I want to spend eternity with. Well said!

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    Oh, yes. Get up, get busy, get off schedule, and then-oops-it’s bedtime and I never made time for my devotions and prayers. I especially notice that when I reflect on the day, and realize that my steps would have been easier, or at least firmer, because I was leaning into Him. It can be so counter-intuitive- I’m too busy to pray!-but we are so much better for that time so well spent.
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    As a mom, I feel like every single minute of my life is precious. I can’t take even one second for granted. So many times, I choose the wrong things to do. I am behind in my bible study. Why? Because I got caught up in my facebook world, or chose to watch tv instead of putting those things aside for what is really important. It’s a challenge to walk in a way that is pleasing to the Lord, and to take time for me. Sometimes my selfish flesh gets the better of me. Sometimes I put the spiritual stuff first and I reap great benefits. I need to remember that the spiritual transforms me, and the selfish stuff only makes me feel like crap. Thank you for the reminder. – Anna
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