I See Sam-Little Books

Academic Success For All Learners: I See Sam is an extensively researched beginning reading program developed at Utah State University. I will be reviewing their Little Books, which are introduction to reading.

The Little Books package comes with everything you will need to get started:

Readers {27 per level for each of these levels shown}

An Introduction to Little Books

Instructor Guidelines

Progress Tracking Charts

Completion Certificates

What I like about this series:

The books are engaging, and not distracting.

Each book is guided for the instructor.

New sounds and words are introduced at the beginning of each book.

The books build upon each other to both learn new sounds/words, but also review previously learned sounds/words.

Each level costs $30.00

What I dislike:

So far nothing. I am using Level 1 with Leah, who is 4, and Level 2 with Evan, who is 5. They both like the books, and the time alone with mom to do school. The books keep them interested and they remind me of questions to ask or to give praise.

I have tried a lot of beginning reading programs, and so far, I like Little Books the best.

**I received two levels of Little Books in exchange for an honest review as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. You can see what other moms thought of Little Books here.**


© 2012, Sam. All rights reserved.

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  1. cwells says

    I wanted to know if there is somewhere that has leveled the Sam books with guided reading levels? or grade levels…etc. Thanks!

  2. says

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  3. says

    We love the I See Sam set! My 4 year old is doing set one and my 6 year old is on set 6. They are wonderful! I see you homeschool, as do I. I’ll have to take a look around your blog. :)

  4. says

    ReadingTeacher.com has now produced animate, interactive videos of the 52 “I See Sam” books.
    You can also download printable versions of the books – all free.
    Francis Morgan latest thoughts..videoMy Profile

  5. says

    I’m not sure how I clicked over here to your blog (i think from a pinterest pin) but saw a link to this review. I’ll have you know i LEARNED TO READ using the I See Sam series of books, in kindergarten. (I’ll be 41 this year, LOL) I have some of my original copies from school (bigger, light yellow, from the Xerox company, LOL) My soon-to-be 15 year old daughter used them (and other things) to learn to read, as will my soon to be 3 year old daughter when she’s ready. I chuckled to see them back in print.
    angi latest thoughts..Bethelem Walk 2011My Profile

  6. Meg says

    Hi I was wondering how do you get your kids going on the reading…I guess the decoding is what I mean. Do you use the I See Sam books? Also, I was wondering I have heard so many people say not do sight words…I was wondering what your feelings were on that. This is my first time trying to teach reading and I’m not sure which way to go. Thanks so much.

    • says

      We are using these books now, but previously we have just done a ton of reading to them, and watched the Leap Frog videos. We honestly have had for the most part, kids who pick up reading so fast that nothing has been an issue, and they are reading alone very quickly. Those things considered, I don’t know if I am the best person to ask that question!

      I would pick something, try it, and if it works don’t worry about it. :)
      Sam Kelley latest thoughts..The Rocker Girl RoomMy Profile

  7. says

    Oh my goodness! I have the yellow books! But they are the orginal, made a long time ago version! When we moved into this house 4 years ago, a neighbor learned of us homeschooling, and she brought over some old-school learning gamces and these books. Her now-adult daughter used them when she was a child, and she had never gotten rid of them. My 2nd-grade age daughter is just now really wanting to learn to read, and she’s on book 10. WE don’t have any of the extra stuff, but we are doing a “picture walk,” a reading, and she narrates. Every time she reads it to someone, they write there name on a sheet of paper that I put with her book. She loves it!
    So cool to see these pop up! Thank you for the information!!
    Sally {with eager hands} latest thoughts..Who Did He Do It For?My Profile