Stick With It Saturday

This week has been great for me as far as workout goals. I even added a couple of quick, ten minute workouts in a few mornings.

My workouts:

Monday- Pilates Strength and Flexibility {10 minutes a.m.} Fat Blaster {Turbo Jam}

Tuesday- Pilates Core {another 10 minute, but so tough!} Skinny Sculpt

Wednesday- rest

Thursday- Cardio Party {45 minutes of Turbo Jam love}

Friday- Pilates {a video I borrowed from the library}

Saturday- We’re either doing cardio or another Pilates, me and my workout buddy. She hasn’t flaked out even once this week!

We ate very clean this week-and I feel great. I lost the few pounds I gained with the medication I am no longer taking. Go me!

How did your goals go this week? Did you totally rock?


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  1. says

    Go you!! You’re doing a great job, Sam!!

    So, since I last updated you … um, several months ago? …. I stopped doing anything. Didn’t gain, but didn’t lose either. Then we switched over to 95% whole foods …. Jason dropped his coffee {he drinks Teeccino now} and I dropped my Pepsi Throwback habit. And I started losing weight.

    I haven’t even started working in exercising yet, but I’ve got 4″ off my belly this month alone! And I can REALLY tell the difference already too! Not even halfway to the goal {had over 100lbs to lose}, but I’m feeling great! 😀

      • says

        lol … thank you 😀

        I know. I really do. I keep meaning to get into exercising. While I don’t really LOVE the few dvds I’ve got, they’re better than nothing at all. Jason said he’d get me whatever I’d like as we’re able to 😀

        I was going to start today {I’ve got a thing with starting new things on Mondays lol}, but I’m just starting to get over a really nasty cold that I had the past several days. So Jason wants me to take it easy again today and see how I am tomorrow. Breathing, afterall, is kinda important during exercise 😉