Amazing Science!

I am very weak at doing science experiments. They are the first thing I skip if I can get away with it. I don’t want my kids to suffer for my lack of excitement, but couldn’t find a solution. Every time I would sit down and look at the instructions for an experiment, my eyes would glaze over.

That is, until we were blessed with Amazing Science!

Amazing Science! is a dvd that walks you through 23 experiments including:

  • electricity
  • heat
  • temperature
  • magnetism
  • pressure
  • buoyancy
  • surface tension
  • and more.

Although I was excited about the preview, I wasn’t expecting what would happen when we opened the dvd!


They watched the video, and were mesmerized. They watched the experiment. They paused the dvd. They went to the kitchen {all on their own} and found things similar to the items were on the video. They watched it again. They did their own experiment.

All on their own!

And then, the kids begged to watch more! I said yes, of course, and was shocked to find myself unable to stop watching as well!

The best part? One of our- hard to please who hates absolutely everything at some point or the other- children said:

“This is out of this world!”

I was so in shock I ran to my planner to write it down!

They have not watched every experiment yet, but they have shown this dvd to every person who has walked through the door!

Amazing Science! is a winner, and keeper in my book. We have never had this much interest in science in our home aside from studying bugs.

Amazing Science! can be purchased for $19.95 {fabulous deal for 2 DVDs} at The quality is fantastic, the teaching and teacher are superb, and the experiments are “Out of this world!”


To see what other TOS Crew members thought of Amazing Science, visit the TOS Blog.

**Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for an honest review, and we honestly love this product! All opinions are my own.**

© 2012, Sam. All rights reserved.

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  1. Judith says

    Sounds great to me and to think that your child even burst into those appalled words. I am not a fan of Science as well but I enjoy watching experiments like the MythBusters! :)
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  2. rick says

    You forgot to mention how they are working on their own mock “” experiments comedy sketches. They are hilarious! Starting to miss you… :)