Classroom Update

You asked for it-an updated classroom post with recent changes after our massive room redo last month. Honestly, only a few things have changed.

We are trying a bigger table using a folding table borrowed from the church. We definitely need a table this size in there. I wonder if the church will forget we have it??

I removed my teacher desk and put it in the girl’s new room. I also moved the “tiny table” into the space the desk had been in. It has been a great place for the younger ones to learn.

My new way to organize curriculum,

with these magazine files.

Can’t forget my Better Binders, nothing new, I just love them.

Our workboxes. {Tiny table used to live there.}

Curriculum and toy storage. {No change.}

Not-so-current curriculum and supplies. {No change.}

Want to buy any of these?

Here’s a change. This used to be a hole for toys, which are now in the playroom. This is now our reading nook.

Our classroom is a living thing, I am always changing little things to better suit us in the moment. What do you love about your classroom? Leave me a link, I’d love to see it!


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      Sure, The Reading Lesson is brand-new and MCP are new, missing a couple of pages I tore out in the beginning. Level C starts with page 5, and B has 3-6 gone. If you would like them all-it would be $30.00 and $6.00 for shipping. I have PP, or you can send a check.
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    I love your space! We are currently “doing school” in my office {Jenny sits on the floor with a “lap desk” because her own desk is BURIED under all her craft projects, books, and other odds and ends}… eventually I’d like to move some things around to create a “homier” feel to the office {i.e. adding a couch and kid-friendly computer area}, but this works for us for now.

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    I know we’re NOT supposed to covet, but… This room is a homeschooler’s dream! I would love to have a space completely devoted to all things homeschool! We have played “musical rooms” and have finally ended up in the first space we started, our dining room. It is small, but we need the large table especially now that I’m doing Paths of Exploration with all my boys. I am always trying to reconfigure things to make things more efficient.
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      We moved twice, and also used the living room before we decided to take over the playroom. Then we had too many toys and no space to play, so we made a little playroom when we switched the girls into one of the big bedrooms.

      Don’t you love POE? :)
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    I love the little reading nook you have created. My favorite thing about our classroom now is the big window that lets the sun shine in!

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    our “class room” or future class room will be in the basement, the basement. The basement is still being worked on. :) I hope to have pictures for you soon. Right now we are using the kitchen table for school. I can’t wait for the school place to be finished so I can organize all of the school things.

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    I actually don’t have a classroom right now and it’s working for us! I NEVER would have thought that! We start out at the dining room table together, we use the couch (hey, mama’s in her 3rd trimester!), and my older daughter does some in her room. It’s working. But I do love a good classroom. The saving grace is we have a “library” where all our book and curriculum are stored. Everything in ONE place. Ahh…..