I have had to say good-bye to some pretty important people in my life. Some in very tragic ways, some went gently. None have hit me as hard as my Grandma Betty. I have posted about her before, after she had passed. It still hurts as much today as that day.

My grandmother was special to me, she liked to clean, she liked Murder She Wrote, and she liked a good raspberry milkshake.


Her home never changed, it was constant and predictable. I liked that.

I have pictures of her throughout my home, a necklace of her face that I wear around my own neck, and a case knife in my utensil drawer once accidentally brought home in a cake box.

Good-byes are so hard.

I would love to speak with her just once more.


Won’t you join us while we put words on virtual paper, five minutes at a time each Friday?

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  1. Cindy Hill says

    I was just sitting in my room earlier thinking about my mom- it’s been almost 2 years since she passed away. Thanks for such a great heart felt post. I love reading your blog- it has been so encouraging to me.

  2. says

    If my Mammaw were alive today she’d be 112. She died when I was 11. I have wonderfully fond memories of her as she was a good christian woman who loved everyone! Your post reminded me of her when you said that her house never changed. My mammaw’s house never changed. Even after she died it was 26 years before her house changed. My aunt remained living there and kept everything the same. My aunt died 2 years ago. Since that time the family has slowly but surely divided up the contents and they’ve been spread across the country. But the house remains. Now empty, but always home. Sorry, your 5 minutes led to me commenting for 5 minutes.

    • says

      My grandmother’s house has been sold. I will keep those unchanged memories though-we took pictures all over the house, before things changed.

      I love heartfelt comments, no apology needed!

      I have some things from my grandmother’s house, things she used day to day, they are worth nothing-and everything.
      Sam Kelley latest thoughts..Ultimate Blog Party 2012My Profile

  3. Meredith says

    My Mimi was an artist, and she shared that part of herself with me for one week during the summer, where we would work on a ceramics project.

    As a misfit in an extended family full of athletes, I knew that she “knew” me… she understood that music flowed through my veins, and that I would always be a little bit different.

    Like you have a necklace of your grandmothers, I have a ring of mine, that I treasure.
    Thank you for sharing your memories!

  4. says

    Beautiful friend, just beautiful. You leave me longing for a word and hug from my grandma and daddy. Always encouraged when I visit you!!! Here’s to a fabulous weekend – yeah!
    Positively Alene latest thoughts..goodbye fear.My Profile

    • Elizabeth says

      With tears in my eyes I’m writing to say that although she is no longer there the boys and I drive by occasionally, just cause, and the house still looks just like she is there! She is very missed! I love you sister!

      • says

        I read this in the grocery store. Wrong place to read it! I don’t know if I have the guts to go by, but I am glad it looks the same. I love you.
        Sam Kelley latest thoughts..Good-ByeMy Profile

  5. says

    What a sweet tribute! It is such a beautiful thing to me to see loved ones live on in the lives of their family members- and I see that through this post. I have a feeling that your grandma would be so proud! Thanks for being my neighbor today. :)

  6. says


    I really enjoyed this post about your Grandma. My grandmother passed in February, and while I didn’t know her that well (our family is very spread out geographically) I treasure the few memories we made in her last months of life. She and my Grandfather came to live with my parents, so they were very close by. And all those little things — her favorite cookie, her love for reading commerical slogans, the way she called people “doll” — those are the little things I’ll be treasuring for years to come.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Regina latest thoughts..Five-Minute Friday: Good-byeMy Profile