Mathematical Reasoning

In our homeschool we have been using Mathematical Reasoning for Kindergarten. We have really been enjoying it. Today I am reviewing Level F from The Critical Thinking Company.

Behind the title page of this *10 pound* book you will find 384 pages of curriculum and solutions. Above the title I see “Core Curriculum or Supplemental Resource”. I can’t imagine this being anything other than core curriculum-it is really beefy!

In this level, which is 5th grade you will find the following:

  • Number and Operations
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Data Analysis and Probability

which are NCTM Standards. The amount of math covered within these categories can’t be covered in this post, but I grabbed a few which are found on the website:

  • Perimeter
  • Place Value – expanded notation, number form, word form
  • Polygon
  • Prime/Composite
  • Properties
  • Reflection, Translation, Rotation
  • Rounding
  • Shapes – 2D, 3D
  • Signed Numbers
  • Symmetry
  • Temperature – customary, metric
  • Time
  • Variable as Unknown – in addition, in subtraction, in multiplication, in division
  • Volume
  • Weight – customary, metric
  • Whole Numbers – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • Word Problems

Before getting started you will find some helpful information about Mathematical Reasoning, and how to use it.

The lessons themselves are visually appealing without being overly cluttered or distracting.

I think the “reasoning” in Mathematical Reasoning can be a little tricky for my learners, so I am grateful there is an answer key included. “Balance Benders” is a perfect example, and I don’t know of another curriculum that uses this reasoning aspect.

Mathematical Reasoning is a very well-rounded math curriculum, with real-life examples of how math is used everyday.

There are lesson introductions when a new concept is introduced, but otherwise the instruction is minimal other than hints. If I had a complaint about this curriculum, it would be lack of examples in the reasoning lessons. Since they are not as easy for us examples would be very helpful.

Purchase info:

Mathematical Reasoning can be purchased from The Critical Thinking Company. Titles are either $39.99 or $42.99, Level F is $42.99.

If you would like to learn what other TOS Crew members thought of these and other titles offered by The Critical Thinking Company, visit the TOS Crew blog.

**Disclaimer-I received this title in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.**

© 2012, Sam. All rights reserved.

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  1. Beth says

    I used this for 2nd grade this year and my child loved it. Well, if you can love math! However we were finished in Feb. and have had to buy more 2nd grade math to end out the year. Guess I could have gone on to 3rd but then we would have been really ahead. It is fun to use, the lessons just went really fast. I would use it again, maybe just space it out more. But hey, when your son wants to do one more page, I’m not going to say no!

  2. says

    Enjoying your reviews, just curious do you have a link to a post you may have done about getting into homeschooling? We have been considering the switch for our family, especially before my daughter enters middle school. We have some info. about the charter schools through the state, but i am interested in how you plan your own curiculums and keep up with state requirements? Any suggestions you have would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

    Jill latest thoughts..Earth Day 2012My Profile

    • says

      Above my header you will find “New Homeschooler” that has some basic links for getting started. If you have other questions, I would be happy to answer them, or we could even chat on the phone sometime, I do that often. :)
      Sam Kelley latest thoughts..Mathematical ReasoningMy Profile

  3. says

    We have done the PreK & K one with Nadia and she loved it. I am trying to finish a few more things with her before I order the next level up.
    Louanne latest thoughts..Abby cooks!My Profile