Stick With It Saturday

This week wasn’t a hardcore workout week, but I was consistent.

I did a lot of Pilates and Pilates-like workouts this week:

Monday– Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout

It was my first try with this one, and it was quite strange. I don’t know if I will be keeping this one.

Tuesday– Off

Wednesday– Strength & Flexibility Pilates

Thursday– Total Body Toner and Standing Pilates Sculpt

Friday– Buns & Thighs Sculptor and Core Conditioning

Saturday– Skinny Sculpt

I am really enjoying this gentle exercise! I feel very pulled in without any jumping around.

What about you, do you enjoy Pilates?


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  1. says

    I have not tried Pilates before, but I did get 3 days on the eliptical in. Plus chest, back, and arms in this week. I missed legs and shoulders due to stuff with the girls, but my husband got them all in.
    Louanne latest thoughts..Young Chefs – April 2012My Profile

  2. Heidi says

    I have been waiting for you to do your Stick With It post. :) What videos do you suggest for someone just getting started with working out at home? I would like to lose 20-25lbs and just overall tone up. I have tried the Shred a few times but by day 9 or 10 my knee is so swollen I have to stop. Looking for something a little less harsh but will still render some results. :) Aslo do you have a Wii and if so have you found any workouts that really work for it? Thanks Sam :)

    PS-my POE shipment was delayed by UPS until Monday. I am so sad. :(

    • says

      That stinks!!!
      I also do not enjoy Jillian.. I really like the two videos posted above. You can find them on Amazon, and they are not expensive at all! Also, find a fun cardio to do-I like Turbo Jam.
      I didn’t post last Saturday, as I had just gotten home from the convention and had a church function that day. But I will have them each Saturday. :)
      As far as the Wii-we have a Wii fit, and even still I hadn’t found a “workout” within. However, we haven’t bought anything for it in forever, so I don’t know what is available now.
      Sam Kelley latest thoughts..Stick With It SaturdayMy Profile