I Have a Pen Problem…

So the other day I was perusing Amazon, looking at my favorite Pilot FriXion pens, when I see a link out of the site to buy FriXion retractable.

They make a retractable FriXion?!?

You have heard me rant about them, yes? Those fabulous pens I use for homeschool planning, and for writing in my Journibles; those lovely pens that erase with friction?

I get all giddy and jump to the next page, but realize all of the multi-packs are out of stock, shipping is outrageous, and they are only available from Japan.

*This is not why I have a pen problem.*

So I start searching around and find a place where I can buy ONE blue retractable FriXion pen, from Japan, with two bucks for shipping. I had a few bucks in my PayPal- which is for homeschool- decided I could call it “homeschool” since I use them for planning….

*Still not the reason I have a pen problem…*

I go to the Pilot website for the customer service number {this isn’t the first time} and call them up {not the first time for that either} and ask the rep why I can’t buy them in the US.

Japan gets them first. ugh.

We’ll see them in Staples around “Back to School” time later this year. hooray!

I’ll wait patiently for my pen to arrive, and for the notification email that the multi-packs are back in stock.

I think I have a pen problem. Do you??


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  1. Yara says

    You know Tokyo Pen Shop has them, right? And they have free shipping for orders over $25?
    Yeah, I’m ordering right now.
    I guess a real pen problem is refusing to wait for Staples to have them months from now for Back To School ; )

  2. says

    I have a serious pen problem and it’s been since I was a little girl. I love the friXion highlighters and use them everyday. Retractable version of the pen sounds fantastic
    Louanne latest thoughts..Semi-Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  3. says

    I bought my friXion pens last year on your recommendation. Now I don’t know how I lived without them! Can’t wait to get my hands on these, they will be great for toting around in the purse. I love color coding, it just makes my heart happy. :)
    Bekki latest thoughts..365My Profile

  4. says

    GAH! I was just in Books a Million yesterday buying my first ever Moleskin journal and I wanted a new pen. I saw the FriXion ones and thought it was some gimmick pen so I passed them over :( I’m a pen NUT… my mom was just hear complaining that for someone who owns so many pens/pencils you can never find one when you need one.

    I guess I’m off to Amazon, and to more of your posts about them…
    Lisa B…theTadey (@TheTadey) latest thoughts..Where two or three gather in my name…My Profile

  5. says

    I have a pen problem too and you have caused Frixion pens to be apart of the problem. I get the black ones, Dd 1 gets the blue and Dd 2 gets the red. Then we all have our own pen, no fighting :-)
    Brande latest thoughts..Happy Resurrection DayMy Profile

  6. Jennifer Ott says

    I bought them, too, after your suggestion. Our Target carries the color pens…and the HIGHLIGHTERS! Love, love, love…

  7. Susan says

    Didn’t realize they had them out in more colors than black. I bought some of these for my son who has cerebral palsy. Thought it was a good way for him to be able to write in pen, and still be able to erase needed mistakes–especially since his motor control is not always the best. He is heading to college this summer, and I had planned on stocking him up on them–and NOW I learn that they are hard to find???? Had no idea! Guess it WAS back to school time when I bought those for him. . . I just assumed they were out there all the time!

  8. says

    While I don’t use these I understand your feelings. For ten years I have been in love with the Pentel B460. Available where? Japan, maybe Germany, etc. Not in the U.S. Nope. Not ever. So I scan ebay for years. I’ve found them on ebay one time – from Japan. I ordered four or five. A couple of them were all gooped up inside and unusable. But to net even one good pen is a real coup to me, so I’m happy. It’s time to look again. Somehow all but two have disappeared.

  9. says

    I may have to camp out on Staples sidewalk the night befoe the Back to School Sale starts. It is all your fault. You got me started with the FriXion pens. I protect them, and everyone in this house knows they are not to touch them. Retractable FriXion pens – it’s crazy that I am excited!! You definitely have a pen problem, and apparently it is contagious.

  10. Heidi says

    I too bought the Frixion pens after reading your blog. I love them. Did you know they work as a cool science experiment too? Write a message on an index card with your Frixion pen and pop it in the freezer. The writing disappears. Then to bring it back hold a flame from a lighter under the paper and watch the words reappear. :0)

  11. says

    Are you serious?! A retractable one?

    I bought a set of FriXion pens after I saw you mention them and absolutely love them. I went in search of them immediately, like that day, and was disappointed that the only ones I could find were at an office supply store. They were black, and that was not fun.

    I ordered a set of colored ones off of Amazon and guarded them like they were precious metals. Best. Things. Ever.

    I don’t think you have a pen problem…
    Tiffany latest thoughts..Sweeties: A Homeschool Mom InterviewMy Profile

      • Melissa M. says

        Frixion markers? Uh, oh…

        I have an office supply problem in general. 😉 I tried the Frixion pens and am in love–I always hated writing my lesson plans in pencil, but I needed to be able to erase. Which reminds me…I need to buy more colors. :)