Long-Term Planning Vlog

Want to see how I plan long-term for our homeschool?

If you have any other planning questions, vlog or blog, let me know-I will answer here or write a post about it!


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  1. says


    I’ve been enjoying your Vlog posts. I’m trying to become a better planner. My first task is planning one month of school; that’s as much as I can handle right now. We start back in June and I hope to be ready w/one month worth of school prepared as opposed to one or two weeks.

    I also love that there is life (the chatter of your family) in the background of your Vlogs. It only make sense because you are doing all of this planning for them.

    I too love your top. I love shades of purple.
    Jennifer @ Milk & Honey Mommy latest thoughts..Eleven Years and CountingMy Profile

  2. Jennifer Ott says

    Thank you, again, for sharing! We are so excited to start tomorrow! My son already “stole” and read the Christopher Columbus book… Are you saving all the pages that your children complete? I have in the past, but this is a lot more pages than usual (I don’t think they will fit in our large binders)! Plus, we will have to store the lapbooks? And…super long-term, can you see accomplishing POE with a younger “set” of kid or kids while doing the 3-year World History program that is planned? I have 2 children coming behind the ones that are already going to do POE, and I don’t think I’d want to repeat it with them, even with the middle school supplements (does that make sense)?

    • says

      I am saving them all. I don’t know what not to keep right now, so in the box they’ll go.

      Are you saying that you are contemplating doing POE once as a younger child, and then again as an older child {same child}? I hadn’t even pondered that yet-so I am not sure.
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      • Jennifer Ott says

        I was more wondering if they youngers could do POE while the olders do “whatever they will call the World History series” at the same time without my going crazy…? I know your oldest is doing something else, and my question probably can’t be answered until they actually come out with the next books :)!

  3. Mindi says

    Thanks for the planning vlog…I love to be encouraged by what works well for others. What ages/grades is the Paths of Exploration curriculum for?

  4. says

    Hey Sam. Have a suggestion for you and your readers.

    If buying a lot of file folders is something you want to cut back on, try using packing tape on the label area. This allows you to use the vis-a-vis markers or sharpies and then you can clean them off for re-use. Sharpies clean off with polish remover and the vis-a-vis with water or expo cleaner.

    I learned this when working for an insurance company that put the protectors over the printed labels.

    Hope this is idea can help you or your readers. This is also great for being able to label anything that you may want to reuse later.

  5. Rachel says

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. You mentioned using POE again. Will you be using it again with the same kids or just with your youngest?

  6. Susan says

    Love seeing part of your organizational planning! And you look beautiful in your purple top–one of my favorite colors! :)