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I have tried and tried and tried to find a Bible study that “suits” me. I kept walking away discouraged-everything is either too wordy, too below my level or too theological for me.

I am non-denominational, and find it hard to find things like commentaries and “study Bibles” that I feel are in line with God’s word. I decided I would just make my own study Bible while I was at it.

My system:

  • Pray– for guidance and instruction. I pray that I will be open to see things as God would have me to see them; to make me stronger as a Christian.
  • Read– the entire chapter I am currently writing in my Journibles.
  • Write-I write a page in my Journibles.
  • Dig-I go to a trusted commentary, and read what the author says about the passage I just read and wrote.
  • Ask-I discuss anything I still don’t understand or want further clarification on with my husband.
  • Reflect-I then write notes in the space provided in my Journible, as well as my Bible. I don’t want to forget what I am learning the next time I come across these passages!
  • SOAP– At the end of each chapter, I choose a passage to SOAP that I share here each Wednesday.

Doing a Journible page each day means I end up reading each chapter numerous times, but I only dig in and really study several verses at a time. {I think that is the reason this is working so well!}

This process has been working really well, and I am so pleased with how much I am learning. I am also excited about how much I am retaining by moving this slowly.

I do want to add one more thing to this line-up, memorization. We like to do this as a family, but have been slacking lately. We are picking it back up, because it is the right thing to do.

There is also a 3-ring binder involved for sermon notes and church stuff, as well as a place to store study helps, but I will save that for another post.

How do you study God’s word?


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  1. says

    I have been doing the “Power of a Praying Wife” which is not necessarily a bible study, but I have stared at the book(which has been sitting on a shelf for years) and decided I should just read it. Also, at the Teach them Diligently conference I bought “Begin” by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge. It has been really good so far and has little tidbits that make you think. I would like to go a little more in depth though as soon as I finish “POPW.” Our church has small groups that get together once a week and delve into scripture which is good for me, because I am surrounded by lots of wisdom as most of the people in our group are 20-40 years older than me!

    • says

      I have The Excellent Wife-I think it is a re-read kind of book. I may be good, but I want to be excellent! We have our won family devotion, and I meet with ladies 3 times a month. It is great to meet in small groups and study!
      Sam Kelley latest thoughts..Sam’s Noggin Bible StudyMy Profile

  2. says

    Hi Sam. Thanks for sharing this. I was wondering if you could share a pic of how the Journible pages are set up. I looked at it on Amazon, but there is no “look inside” available. Thanks!
    Carrie P latest thoughts..Curriculum Clarity!!!My Profile

  3. Heidi says

    Sam, do you have a link to the commentary you use? The link is not working in the post.