Stick With It Saturday

In the past 10 days I’ve hit my calorie goals, done all of my workouts, I am feeling strong and accomplished. Instead of focusing on my workouts, which were all the standard ChaLean Extreme Burn Circuit, I thought I would share my eating.


Eggs, sometimes with a slice of {real} buttered toast {homemade} or steel cut oats with pecans and apples sweetened with a little honey. I drink hot tea with stevia.


Almonds or an apple. Water.


Tuna, on a bed of lettuce or on one slice of bread {homemade} or fruit and cheese or yogurt. Water.


Usually more almonds. Water.


Either baked fish with lime and garlic and fresh veggies or salad and rice, baked chicken coated in flax seed with salad and fresh bread. We also enjoy a chicken fajita. Yum. I have 1/2 a glass of sweat tea.

Workouts happen after dinner.

Calorie Goal: 1,400 a day. May goal of 5 pounds lost update: 2.6 pounds. It was 3.6 and then the wrong time of the month hit.

We are eating super healthy, real food, with less than 5 ingredients on the labels. As you can see-we are eating mostly fish and chicken, with fresh veggies and fruits.

I have NOT felt deprived or hungry, despite the super heavy workouts I have been doing. My body is really liking this!

How was your week?


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    Hi Sam,
    Thanks for sharing what you eat! Controlling that is harder for me than exercising! I love food, but I keep telling myself I love thin more! :) I know what you mean about that time of the month and the scale. I don’t even weigh myself that week. It messes with my head too much! Have a great week!!!

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    WOOT! Your snacks are identical to mine – though I usually add some peanut butter to the apple bc I heart PB. Your menu is so fabulous – would you mine sharing the recipe for the flax-coated chicken? AND I count this as another thing we have in common – your food goals mirror mine. What do your kids like for snacks? This is the hardest part at my house.

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      Would you believe BOTH of your comments went to spam???

      Our kids eat fruit for snacks-also hummus and approved crackers. There are many hummus carriers with 5 ingredients!

      The flax chicken is not really a “recipe”. We just season the chicken and dredge it in a mixture of flax and wheat germ. We brown it in a bit of EVOO and finish it off in the oven. It is very earthy and yummy!
      Sam Kelley latest thoughts..Stick With It SaturdayMy Profile

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    I’m inspired! Great job this week! I have done great with exercising this week and not so great with my eating. :( I hope to do better next week! My goal for my family is for us to eat whole, healthy foods all of the time. I already make most everything from scratch, but it consists of a lot of cookies, brownies, etc. Would you be willing to share your bread recipe? I’ve tried many and still can’t get settled on one that we really love. Thanks!
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