Dive Into Diversity

Dive Into Diversity is one of the titles in the Dive Into Your Imagination series. These videos teach children about life under the sea. Specifically, Dive Into Diversity teaches about all of the different creatures that live beneath the surface of the ocean.

Of course if you have cable or satellite, there are many channels that you might be able to see the happenings below the surface on. Why buy a video that shows the same thing?


In Dive Into Diversity, the main audience is your child. The videos are stunning, the pace is great for a child, and the amount of different creatures you get see is fascinating. While watching the video initially, I was sure that the narrator was not only the narrator; but indeed the same person who was filming this video.


I was right!

Annie Crawley has done a fabulous job with this video, and I can only imagine the other videos are just as stunning! You can really feel her passion for the sea as you follow along.

Not only will you learn about the sea creatures, but you will also learn some facts like:

What do ice cream and toothpaste have in common?

My guess was nothing, but you can watch the video for yourself and find the correct answer!

You and your child will also learn about how Annie dives, as well as how she films the videos. This behind the scenes peek was a real treat to even me, since I was wondering about that very thing myself!

Dive Into Diversity exceeded my expectations, and I think it is well worth the price tag of $19.95 You can also purchase educators guides in two age ranges (PreK-K and grades 1-3). The videos have an age range of 3-8 on the site, but I enjoyed the video as well. Just know that ages above can enjoy watching, but it won’t be over the heads of the younger crowd.

While this video isn’t Christian, it doesn’t have anything offensive to a Christian. I think you will thoroughly enjoy Dive Into Diversity, especially if your family is able to go on a vacation to the ocean! {I will get there one day!}


Disclaimer-I received this DVD and teacher guide in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. You can read what other TOS Crew members thought of this and other titles in the series at the Crew Blog.

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