The Slump

After our two week break, I am just not back in the groove. It doesn’t feel like school, and our days start late.

I need to get with it!

We have so many errands going on this week that I have no idea what we will actually accomplish-but anything is better than nothing I suppose.

This is why breaks aren’t great for us me.

We enjoyed our adventures on our staycation-


Chumming it up with Daniel Boone…


Silly car rides…


stolen kisses…


Mega caverns…

we became spoiled!

I also don’t hang out in the heat, and neither do my kids, so schooling during the summer actually works well for us.

I am going to look at our schedule again, and make some changes. I think I will shorten our next break, scheduled for July, from two weeks to one.

Does anyone else have trouble getting back into your schedule??


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  1. says

    Even though we only homeschool “unofficially,” I feel I’m already behind on my goals for this summer! Sleepovers and playtime and days with grandma have wrinkled the smooth intentions I had; trying my best to be thankful for the tender memories being created in the meantime 😉 Thanks for your post!
    Jane latest thoughts..Summer ReadsMy Profile

  2. says

    I DEFINITELY do have a problem with sticking to a schedule especially after taking a break!! Although summer time is about break and doing fun things outside, it is not for me. I don’t tolerate the heat very well even if we go swimming. I guess it’s an age thing. And I agree that since the heat is intolerable for us, doing school through the summer would work better BUT right now, I don’t have our school work laid out so I really have to get that taken care of before I can do any school. Since my kids had a taste of public school early in their lives (briefly), they expect to take a break even though we had not really been doing much school work since April when I was going through some health issues and having to help not-so-elderly friend who fell and broke her hip and was in the hospital/rehab for a month. That was extremely exhausting and I had no idea it was going to take a toll on me. I hope we can *start* school again maybe in July. Right now, I have so much to catch up at home to do around the house. On the bright side, I am feeling a lot better than I have in the past couple of months since I had gotten on medication for it. Perhaps the break was much needed after all.

  3. says

    I agree with you. Too much unscheduled time is a problem for me and the kids. For me, it is motivation and for the kids, it is too much TV wanting time and the yah yahs (what I call the complaining that they do with each other).

    I am still finishing grades and planning of the summer and fall scheduling. We also have all the VBS, camps, classes, appointments, conventions and a birthday for the month of June. I feel like I am constantly on the run this month. July is a little easier and we will begin our summer education time. We will be focusing on math and phonics with some science splashed in.

    One good note or not, house came off the market and move is on hold. This is allowing for a less stringent and sterile house, I get to personalize it some making it a HOME again. The Lord will guide us from here on what our next move is. Just enjoying this place and season God has put us in.