Apologia: Who Is My Neighbor?


“Who Is My Neighbor?” is the third volume in Apologia’s “What We Believe” series.

This hardcover book is beautifully presented with engaging lessons throughout.


Lesson 1: Does Anyone Really Need Me?

Lesson 2: How Can I Make A Difference?

Lesson 3: Who Is My Neighbor?

Lesson 4: Why Did God Make Families?

Lesson 5: What Can I Do For My Country?

Lesson 6: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Lesson 7: Who Is God’s Family?

Lesson 8: Why Does the Church Need Me?

There are instructions at the beginning of the book on how to use this curriculum, which includes a sample lesson plan that breaks each lesson into three weeks.

I really like how the lessons integrate worldview teaching, so our children see Christ working in other parts of the world. My family enjoys learning about the Chang family.


For all of the positives of this curriculum, for our non-denominational family there are some teachings about the church that do not agree with Scripture, but we have been been able to work around those things by reading ahead.

We use “Who Is My Neighbor?” in our home as an evening family devotional.

There is an accompanying coloring book for keeping younger ones focused during the lesson.


You can also purchase the notebooking journal for your older children to help expand and cement what they are learning, which includes note-taking pages, questions, vocabulary, Scripture memorization, review and much more.



“Who Is My Neighbor?” main text– $39.00 {sample here}

“Who Is My Neighbor?” Notebooking Journal– $24.00 {sample here}

“Who Is My Neighbor?” Coloring Book- $8.00 {sample here}

To read what other reviewers thought of this, head on over to the blog by clicking the picture below.


Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I received a copy of this curriculum, coloring book, and journal in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

© 2012, Sam. All rights reserved.

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  1. says

    Hi Sam! New Here. Got here from Pinterest. :) Can I ask what issues you have about the science? (saw this in your response about the church) We haven’t used the grade school Apologia science books in depth yet, so wondered if it was in those. Would really appreciate hearing your thoughts! {we’re also from a non-denominational background}
    Shelly Roberts latest thoughts..7 Reasons Why We Don’t Homeschool Our KidsMy Profile

  2. says

    Hi Sam, thank you for your review. I am curious, may I ask what ideas about the church didn’t align with God’s Word? I had planned on using this in a couple of years or so, but now I am a tad concerned. Thank you. :)
    Shannon Wallace latest thoughts..Summer UpdateMy Profile

      • says

        Sorry for the belated response, I was swamped with VBS and some other obligations.

        My objections so far are from the text stating that all denominations are of the one body of Christ. I disagree with that statement, as denominations stray from Biblical teaching in favor of man’s opinion on how one becomes a Christian, how we should worship, and how one should live as a follower of Christ.

        As we go through the study, I expect to find more, as we have used other curriculum from this company {science} and have had to change some things with that as well.

        I don’t think these things cancel out what good can be found in them, they just cause us to read ahead carefully.
        Sam Kelley latest thoughts..Stick With It SaturdayMy Profile