It’s Friday. The day I head to the laptop and see what prompt awaits me. No backtracking, only moving forward.

There is something very freeing about these posts.



Everyone has a story. I tell mine with humor and sarcasm most of the time, by mouth to my children, but after this week, I am seeing my story through a new lens.

As I sit with someone each day whose story is now more foreign than clear, I wonder who will tell mine.

Since I know some of her story from before the cobwebs of Alzheimer’s invaded, I try to help brush them away and shed some light.

The very next day we are back to square one.

Fortunately for her descendants, this wonderful worker for the Lord has written her life story, straight from her mind to pen and paper, long before her illness came on.

It has me wondering. Who will tell my story? I suppose blogging does some of that, but the beginning needs told as well.

Have you shared your story on paper?


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    Thanks for the thoughts, Sam. Is it only women (and mum’s) who think about these things?

    It does seem sad that it often takes a beleaguered celebrity to feel like they have to ‘put the record straight’ and write out their life-story. For most of us, I suspect we think, “who would be interested?” And in reality our own children probably won’t even be interested until they are very long in tooth. Happily as I am a creative type much of my story and the things I feel the strongest about have been captured in songs and stories, and are now mounted on my website. I have electronic Journals too. They are more about what I believe God has said to me, but probably say more about me in between the lines than anything else. So there are all sorts of fragments floating around already – It would just take someone with a little knowledge of me to joint all the dots.

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    Lovely, Sam. This helps me think about what I’ll be leaving behind one day – am I leaving the memories I’m hoping for? The feelings I want to help others to have? How will I be remembered? Hearing about your new role a bit at a time is fun – I got a lump in my throat thinking about you helping an alzheimer’s patient remember themselves. One day I hope a kind person like you will do the same for me if I’m ever in that position.
    Jessica latest thoughts..Summer SlowdownMy Profile

  3. Emily says

    I visited a woman once a week with dimensia (sp?). She was recently put in a home because she started roaming. It was sad to see and it has been really hard for her daughter, but at least she is moved closer to family and they can visit and play games and see each other often now. I do miss visiting her.

    Once upon a time I kept journals – started when I was 14 years old (they are all in my basement right now). I used to write once a month or so after I had babies, then I started blogging and haven’t been writing very much on paper. It’s something I should get back to because it has always been a soothing thing to me.

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    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I’m so young and have always thought I don’t have a story to tell yet, but I so do…and who else will tell it but me? I just need to ponder how….because I’m feeling like even if I just write it for me, see what He’s done through me, that will be enough….and yet, maybe not.
    Nikki latest thoughts..My Scandalous Story ~ Five Minute FridayMy Profile

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    Thank you for sharing. I am slowly writing my story but I feel like it is more of isolated snapshots. Maybe one day I’ll take the time to write it from beginning to wherever…. :)
    Dana latest thoughts..CourageMy Profile

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    I am intrigued by “writing your story”. What exactly would that include? Personal journals? Accounts of your daily life? Bible study notebooks? Thankful lists? I have listed 5 things that I am thankful for for 16 years now. I miss days here and there, and there are a few huge gaps when i was pregnant and dying from all day nausea and vomiting! But overall I am considering that to be “writing my story”. I LOVE to go back and reread my earlier thankful lists. They serve as a journal of sorts, a historical record of my life of sorts. But I don’t really have anything written down prior to that- prior to age 26.
    Good things to think about today.
    I pray that your job is proving to be fruitful and that your family is adjusting to it all.
    Roan latest thoughts..HopeMy Profile

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    Beautiful, Sam. I can only imagine the heartache involved when watching some one we love lose the memory of their story. Yes, it is SO important to write our stories down.

  8. says


    Yes, I’ve been sharing my story, my conversations with God on paper through journaling since 2004. One of the best decisions I ever made.