Teaching Kids To Sing

Would you like to teach your children to sing? My last review for the current Schoolhouse Review Crew year is Teaching Kids To Sing from The Vocal Coach.

In this three DVD/CD set you will find:

Disc One, Building Foundations That Last





The voice is:

Physical, mechanical and acoustical.

Learning how to take care of the voice you can help to avoid injury and properly train it. Singing involves the whole body, something that the Chris and Carol Beatty calls “Vocal Athletes”

There are many helpful mantras taught to help with proper technique. Chris even has the children show how athletes need proper form to be the best, and that the same is true for singing.

Disc Two, Essential Skills For Growing Voices




Vocal Health {lots of great info in this section!}

The diner and park settings for the second disc are fun, my kids seemed to like them better than the choral room setting of the first DVD.

Again, Chris is a fabulous teacher and his comfort while teaching shows his knowledge. The children do a fabulous job as well!

CD, Accompaniment Tracks

These tracks match the warm-ups found on the DVDs, and there are two tracks for each. One is with vocals, and one is the music track only.

What I liked:

We don’t belong to a choir or anything, but we are a family of singers. Our church is     a capella, so having a good voice is always a plus. This is a very interesting and informative addition to your homeschool elective line-up.

The techniques are shown in a way that you and your children can easily see the difference between good technique and bad technique.

The curriculum is not secular, and it is refreshing to hear mention of God in any curriculum, especially when I am not expecting it!

Chris Beatty certainly knows how to keep children entertained while being taught!

What I didn’t like:

There are a few times while the children are singing that the camera moves a little too quickly from child to child, that makes me have to look away, or I get dizzy.

The video was made in 1999, so it looks a tad  dated, nothing that would impede learning, I just thought it was worth mentioning.

What my children thought:

My kids are weird, like me. Although the children on the DVD are very comfortable in their surroundings, my children were not comfortable mimicking what they saw from our living room.

It’s kind of like when I put on my first at-home workout, everyone on the video was into it, and I felt like a dork. I got over it, and they will too.


The journey into the throat was a hit! The kids made noises with theirs long after that.

Age range:




Vocal Coach also offers Vocal Coach Singer, which is available in an MP3 version for $99.99 {which the Crew also reviewed} as well as the 11 set of physical CDs for $119.99 There are also some free resources available.

I would recommend this, even if your children may take some time getting used to following along.

To read more reviews, head over to the Crew Blog.



Disclaimer: I received Teaching Kids To Sing in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own, and no other compensation was given.

© 2012, Sam. All rights reserved.

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    I’m a singer myself and I used the Vocal Coach back in the early 90’s that he did with adults. Twila Paris was on one of the videos and at the time it was in VHS format. I still have them but no longer have a VHS player and I am glad to see its available for kids on DVD.
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