Biology 101

I am so excited to share my latest Timberdoodle review with you, Biology 101!


I am not a science person, or at least I wasn’t. Watching these videos makes me realize I could have been into science, if this is what my public school teachers had used.

Biology 101 gives and in-depth overview of biology with a biblical, Creation and God honoring perspective, with classification broken down by Creation days.

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Hosted and developed by homeschooling father Wes Olson, Biology 101 is education-packed, but is presented in such an interesting way that they feel more like entertainment than a high school course!

There are interesting video clips, informative diagrams, and tons of facts, all delivered in a guided presentation by Wes.

My thoughts:

This DVD course is very interesting. Although it is targeted for the high school student, it is suitable for any age student {or parent}. There was no point in any of the DVDs that I wished that the pace was any different from what was offered, and when I was playing the first few in our living room, the little ones came in, looked at the television and stayed to watch!

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I was nervous about the disc that goes over human development, so I previewed that one alone. Conception is mentioned, but the process itself is not. {Thank you!}

The part that may be harder for your younger kids to grasp is genetics, and the path that our world has traveled away from God and toward cloning, stem cells and the like, although it is still very reachable to most audiences.

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I love how this curriculum approaches teaching biology. It feels as though someone you know {who happens to be science-y} is discussing biology with you, and they brought a lot of visual props. Wes doesn’t dumb the course down, but he also doesn’t teach over your head, or make you feel like he is superior in knowledge. The whole series is down to earth and inviting.


What’s included:

4 DVDs-

Disc 1 includes Introduction and Plants

Disc 2 contains Aquatic and Avian Creatures

Disc 3 covers Land Animals and Mankind {each containing two parts}

Disc 4 covers Genetics and also contains a PDF guidebook and accreditation

My thoughts on the guidebook and accreditation:

The guidebook contains all of the important information given in the DVDs, no need to take notes furiously while watching our lesson, just sit back and enjoy! Each section in the guidebook matches the DVD section, and ends with a quiz. I’ll be printing and binding this for our home. {114 pages}

The accreditation booklet will chart your course and track your hours, as well as provides a 27 week schedule. {12 pages}

Grade Level:

9-12, but appropriate for all ages to enjoy.



Final thoughts:

Get this!! I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed this course, and how enjoyable learning biology has been. Knowing that this series is honoring to God is refreshing. Even though the children have enjoyed portions of the DVDs, this one is going onto the official course list for our eldest’s 10th grade courses next year.

Check out the other title from Wes Olson and Westfield Studios, Chemistry 101, or peruse Timberdoodle’s extensive science section.


I was provided a copy of Biology 101 as part of the Timberdoodle’s Blogger Review Team in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own, and no other compensation was given.

© 2012, Sam. All rights reserved.

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  1. Katie says

    Hi Sam,

    I am considering using Timberdoodle curriculum for my ninth grader. Are you still happy with it? The Biology 101, looks great! Any suggestions?
    Thanks so much,