Favorite Things: The Vacuum

I realize I have a love for vacuuming. I didn’t realize how odd that was until I asked on my Facebook page the other day how often each day you vacuum.

Apparently, only one  person vacuums more than once a day. Besides me. 

Favorite Things The Vacuum

I just like the way a vacuumed room feels! Insert newest favorite thing: the Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum

Favorite Things The Vacuum

The good news, it was on sale. The bad news, I kind of stole some cash from our homeschool fund to buy it. It counts as home economics, no??

Favorite Things The Vacuum

The handy little switch goes from bare floor to carpet with ease, the cup empties easily, and the battery keeps me free to tidy up.

This is not my heavy duty vac, the yellow beast still gets used once a day, but the little spills and the hard floors all get a date with this beauty each day as well.

Please tell me someone else loves vacuuming?

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  1. Judy says

    I too LOVE to vacuum. When we lived at our old house I vacuum the main floor AT LEAST twice a day (which I considered normal since I did had a baby/toddler crawling around.
    At this house, once I got the central vacuum hocked up I (or the kids) vacuum the main floor 2 to 3 times a day (the kitchen and dinning room after every meal and the living room and foyer twice a day). Again, with a large family , I consider this normal. With the central vacuum broken the main floor gets swept instead (hardwood floors) as stated above. Days that I don’t follow this, the floors are gross.

    And yes, I am a little OCD….I have no problem admitting it : )

  2. Jamie says

    I like to vacuum, but hate my vacuum cleaner!! I have a small cordless “broom” that I use at least once daily to clean up those crumbs in the breakfast nook.

  3. says

    I truly don’t mind vacuuming, but I definitely don’t do it as often as you! :) We bought a really nice canister vacuum a year or two ago and I like it a lot. The bags last a long time, it is easy to reach everywhere, goes from carpet to wood easily, lots of cool attachments… But with 3 babies and 2 cats, our downstairs floors probably need more frequent sweeps. I’m going to look into this cordless one, because we always have big things to maneuver around. Plus, my 3.5 year old LOVES to help vacuum. I could probably convince her to do a room each day :)
    Ashley latest thoughts..Life workMy Profile

    • says

      You might want to look into this then. The Amazon link has the lowest price I have seen anywhere, including the sale price I bought mine for at Kohls…

      Thank you! I love it too. I know how being behind on reading feels as well. sigh.
      Sam Kelley latest thoughts..Favorite Things: The VacuumMy Profile