When No One Else Is Homeschooling

Answering the homeschool critics is something I have had more than my fair share of. Maybe the more children, the more questions? Today I am sharing my experience with this sometimes difficult topic.

When No One Else Is Homeschooling

When No One Else Is Homeschooling

We live in a homeschool-friendly area, but since not many actually homeschool, we get LOTS of questions! Most of the time, moms hear What about socialization?? Here are my top questions from critics, and how I respond.

What about sports/dance?

I get this one a LOT around my area. First of all, I don’t think that sports are bad. However, we have higher priorities in our home, and sports tend to take time from the Lord {specifically Wednesday Bible study}. Even though it seems harder for homeschoolers to participate in sports here, we would most likely not choose them anyway.

As for dance, we find the moves and the outfits {mainly high school} are completely immoral. We do not wish for our children to promote their bodies in that fashion, ever. Another non-homeschool issue for our family.

What about high school?

When No One Else Is Homeschooling

Although I don’t think I am the biggest brain out there, I think I am pretty smart. I try not to take it too personally when I am basically having my intelligence questioned. For one, I have been through high school successfully myself. I am also smart enough to find someone who can teach a topic or subject if I cannot.

I promise I am not too proud that I will hold my children at or below my IQ. The sky is the limit.

Aren’t your children supposed to be the light?

When No One Else Is Homeschooling

This one probably bothers me the most. I recently shared that my feelings about this one were recently backed up by Ken Ham at Teach Them Diligently.

If the salt is contaminated, it’s good for nothing.

I pray that when my children are ready to leave my home, they will have much success in spreading the gospel, but I don’t believe they should be going to a government building each day solely for the purpose of evangelizing.

They belong at home, where they can be filled.

Are you really teaching?

When No One Else Is Homeschooling

Unfortunately, some people in our area take advantage of the fact that Kentucky is an easy state to homeschool in. These parents aren’t concerned at all with educating their child, and it keeps locals suspicious about those of us who are.

I had an interaction like this once at Staples, {where I was disassembling high school curriculum to better suit our needs} when a gentleman sarcastically mentioned something about homeschoolers, and their skirting of the law. I turned to him with my stack of books and we began a conversation. He left knowing that at least our homeschool was legit. He worked with the Department of Education.

The Bigger Picture

In my area it seems that a little crash course about how we educate settles most critics. Our children, who have great social skills, impress those around them with their knowledge and wit. Most importantly, the oldest three have obeyed the gospel, and we pray their younger siblings all follow suit.

I am confident that we are doing the will of our Father in Heaven, and that our children are learning everything they need to know. God will fill in any gaps that come up along the way. These things keep me from worrying about what others think.

This is our path!

My friends at iHomeschool Network are talking about how they handle homeschool critics. I can’t wait to read what they had to say!

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  1. says

    About our children being “salt and light”….I used to use this excuse with my husband when I was advocating for public school and he wanted Private (little did we both know that the Lord would lead us in an entirely different direction 😉 ). Anyway, one time I brought that up and he said, “Would you, or our Christian friends, send our children to the local Muslim school just to be a good witness? Of course you wouldn’t. You don’t want to indoctrinate them with that other religion. I find sending them to the public school to be very similar to that, except the “religion” there is one that is determined by the liberal government.”
    I thought THAT was probably the best answer to the “salt and light” argument ever.
    Heidi (Dearly Loved Mist) latest thoughts..Looking Back at Our House Improvements – Before and AfterMy Profile

  2. says

    I forgot that you’re in KY too :) We have been SO blessed that God brought us to a small town filled with homeschoolers! Our old town was very unfriendly toward homeschooling, so I’m so glad that our new place is so very friendly and open-minded about it. There are sometimes genuine questions–those born of curiosity and not criticism, but for the most part people are so nice about it…now my family, that’s another story. Some of them aren’t so nice about it.
    Crystal @ Serving Joyfully latest thoughts..Thriving Thursday 6/5/13My Profile

  3. says

    Great post, Sam. That “salt and light” conversation has always bothered me. I’m not going to venture into a den of lions without some good ways to defend myself from being eaten; why would I send my kids, still so young in the faith, to a dangerous-to-their-growing-faith environment?
    Jamie {See Jamie Blog} latest thoughts..Do Homeschooled Kids Hate Their Moms?My Profile