The Zentangle® Method

Have you ever been introduced to something in a completely coincidental way and just completely found yourself mesmerized? It happened to me the other day at work, and I must tell you that my entire family is smitten!

The Zentangle Method

Before I tell you what happened, let me back up and say that I have never been an artist. I’m the girl drawing the stick figures, I stink at most other things that have to do with hands-crocheting, knitting, I can’t paint to save my life, and I’ve broken my sewing machine. Even with this lovely line of failure, I was intrigued when a customer came through my line at Walmart with tons of needlepoint pens and fine-tip Sharpie markers. I just had to ask what they were for!

Zentangle® was her reply.

I felt like a buffoon for having her repeat that like five times. I asked her what it was, and she replied art. I let her know I was never good at anything art, but thanks for sharing anyway. She firmly assured me that anyone can do this Zentangle thing. I rolled my eyes and shared my stick figure art background, but she was so certain I could do this that I took a bit of register tape and wrote the name down so I wouldn’t forget.

After watching a Youtube video at home by creators, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, I realized that this was something like a bit of art I made up in the third grade, but never stuck with. I knew I had to try it! I reached out to Maria, and after a lovely phone conversation and assurance that I really could do this, my kit and book arrived.

It was gorgeous.

The Zentangle Method

Each Zentangle Kit contains:

34 tiles, 2 pens, pencils and sharpener, instruction booklet and DVD, a Zentangle legend and Icosahedron.

The Zentangle Method


The materials are of high quality, unique, and bring out the artist in each person who dives in.

The Book of Zentangle:

The Zentangle Method

This beautiful hardcover books tells you the background of Zentangle, and gives you even more help and inspiration to start your own journey.

The Zentangle Method

The Zentangle Method

When I first opened my kit, I went to my bedroom and popped the DVD in. There was calming flute music in the background and no speaking. It was mesmerizing, and eventually everyone came back and had a look. We are currently all hooked. My children even love the calming music, which I honestly thought they would hate.

The Zentangle Method


I can’t believe this beautiful and accessible art has escaped me until now, and I had to share it with you. I love that it is so very “zen” without trying to be religious in any way. In fact, we have so many lovers of Zentangle that I am ordering more tiles, and I’m trying to come up with a way to feature this explosion of art in our home! We are all more confident in our inner artists thanks to Zentangle, and I foresee innumerable tiles in our future!

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  1. says


    My wife does have artistic talents and has found a new love with Zentangle. My daughter has a small gift shop in Northern Rhode Island. I would like to know if you will wholesale your kits for resale purposes…

    Thank you


  2. Christine says

    I love Zentangle! I use the patterns in my doodles, and instead of tiles I have a graph paper moleskine to draw the different patterns for future use in my journals. Check out for hundreds of patterns and how to make them!!! Have fun!


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