Why I Ditched Erin Condren

I recently switched from my Erin Condren Life Planner to a cheap Family Plus Day-Timer I picked up at Walmart. Say what?? Yep, I ditched my Erin Condren, and this Youtube video will tell you exactly why!


I’m gathering supplies to make my planner look like me on the inside, and I will share my goodies with you soon!

Do you carry a planner?

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    I am new to your site. I just happened to find this post when I clicked on the organizing tab at the top. I am with you how you need to use an organizer. I use mine much the same way. I found this little guy at WalMart several years ago and now I just go to their website each year for a new one. I love it!! 2014 is my 3rd year and I am already waiting for them to release the 2015 editions because I stuff that I need to write down. :)

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      Looks like a great little planner! I just bought one that is small enough for any purse and has license and credit card slots!

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    I just switched planners too! I had a homeschooling-specific planner that I thought was lovely, but didn’t work with my scatterbrain. I sold it to another homeschooling mom (I knew after only a couple weeks and just ripped those pages out) and bought an At-A-Glance Academic Weekly/Monthly planner. I like that I have space to write in educational things that we do that weren’t actually planned so I can count them as “school.” I, too, like to write across the page and this one gives me enough space to do that. All that said, I like the extra little spaces yours has at the top and right side. Then again, in simplifying my life, I’ve found that I can do without those most of the time. Great vlog! I have yet to attempt vlogging but I’m getting closer every day!
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    I love these family planners! I have debated on eventually going to something like that but the ARC’s I use right now are so amazing that I can’t make myself buy another one lol. Now I just have to use a band to hold mine together :) Great video!
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