Dedicated in Twenty Fourteen

While looking forward to a new year I see a chance to make new goals. I don’t make “resolutions” but something about a fresh calendar makes me think about what I have accomplished the current year and what is possible for the future. I long for the growth and renewal. Since blogging, I have chosen a “word of the year”, but when I think of the areas I want to grow the most in, I struggled to find a word that fit.

I decided that within all of the categories I wanted to focus on, one actually encompassed all of them. Dedicated.

Dedicated in Twenty Fourteen

Dedicated Faith

Dedicated in Twenty Fourteen

I’m crossing my boundaries of what I am comfortable with as far as Bible study, and venturing into the outlining process. It freaks me out and I don’t want to share it publicly with anyone, but I must do this to learn to study effectively. I will, however, be sharing with you my sources.

Dedicated Family

Dedicated in Twenty Fourteen

With working away from home I need to give my all to my family while I am home. I’m shying away from the computer, with it’s trap of the social media web. I want the real, the authentic. I get my satisfaction from hugs and snuggles, not likes or shares.

Dedicated Homeschool

Dedicated in Twenty Fourteen

I crave more focused record-keeping. I feel like I barely have time to homeschool before work each day, but I must make the time to do this!

Dedicated Finances

Dedicated in Twenty Fourteen

We’re trying so hard to make wise financial decisions. I don’t want anymore blurred lines between want and need.

Dedicated Less

Less is more. I am going back on a major purge-a-thon in our home. Nothing is safe.

While I plan not to be around much on my personal or blog Facebook pages, I will certainly be sharing on Instagram which doesn’t have the same time warp hold on me. I’ll be sharing here as much as possible, and I’ll also be doing a monthly post to update you on my progress. This isn’t a forgotten-by-February kind of plan. I want to succeed! Who’s with me??

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