Lottie Doll Giveaway

We don’t allow Barbie in our home. We think she is a horrible example for a young girls body image. Other than baby dolls, we haven’t really had an alternative-until now. Allow me to introduce you to the Lottie Doll, which I have been graciously sent for review. Although this is a review, all opinions are my own, and I was in no way required to write a positive review.

Lottie Doll Giveaway

I was sent the Pandora’s Box doll and accessory set to review with Leah, who is five. Our order arrived lightning fast from Amazon while I was at work, and big sister Hannah took pictures since Leah couldn’t wait to get her doll out to play.

Here is the story behind the Pandora’s Box Lottie Doll {affiliate link}

Lottie is volunteering at Branksea Animal Shelter, helping to look after the homeless cats and dogs. One day a cardboard box is mysteriously left outside the front door with a hungry and frightened Persian cat inside. They decide to name her Pandora. Unlike the Greek myth, where a box brought unhappiness, here the arrival of Pandora is a cause for joy and fresh hope. Lottie helps to nurse Pandora back to health and make sure that her furry coat is kept clean and fluffy.

Lottie Doll Giveaway

What Leah Loves About Lottie Dolls

“Annalise” is easy to hold and take with her, she has fun clothes and a kitten to care of because she rescues animals. Leah’s favorite part of Lottie’s outfit is the removable kitten face on her shirt.  Although she could talk about her all day, I wish you could see how happy she is to tote her doll around everywhere with her.

Lottie Doll Giveaway

What the Parents Love About Lottie Dolls

For me, the Lottie Doll website sums up the character of this precious toy so well that I will share it with you here.

Lottie Doll Giveaway

Lottie is a feisty character; she can stand on her own two feet and whilst she occasionally makes mistakes, she learns from them. She is not perfect. Lottie loves adventure and the outdoors and uses her imagination. In many ways, she is inspired by the spirited female characters in books we loved as children: Anne of Green Gables, Pippi Longstocking, Jo in ‘Little Women’, Nancy Drew and George in the ‘Famous Five’.

She isn’t something for Ken to drool over, she doesn’t sport a woman’s body, and she won’t make your child feel like she has to grow up. Lottie is a child, and she allows your child through play to know that she can make a difference as a child as well.  Lottie is a bit smaller than other dolls in this range, which is perfect for smaller hands to carry her.

Lottie Doll Giveaway

After years of thinking there wasn’t a suitable alternative to the other doll, I am so excited to have been introduced to Lottie Dolls! They have been so well received in my home that the very next day I ordered more for Christmas!

My only downside would have to be that there are a few dolls who have skirts shorter than we allow in our home. We had a request for one that we simply didn’t feel fit our conservative nature, so I do hope the hemline could become a bit longer in the future.

The Giveaway

I could go on and on about awards Lottie has won, and how needed this doll has been in our society, but I will save my breath and give you a chance to win one of your own!

Lottie Doll Giveaway

One winner will also receive the Pandora’s Box Lottie Doll. {Affiliate link, accessory set sold separately.} US residents only. Winner will be chosen Saturday, December 21st.

Don’t want to wait?! Find your favorite Lottie Doll on Amazon! {there is a great code at the time of publishing for orders on Amazon of $45 or more-save 20%!}

© 2013, Sam. All rights reserved.

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  1. says

    These dolls are delightful! But I have to say, I love the fact that you took a stand regarding Barbie dolls. I agree, they don’t do anything for a young girl’s self image and the whole persona around Barbie dolls is anything but reality. Thanks for a wonderful post!
    God Bless!!
    The Funster latest thoughts..Angry Birds Air Swimmers Review!My Profile

  2. Carol Lynn says

    I love getting our kids dolls – I still can’t decide if I like playing with them more than they do!

  3. says

    Having 6 boys, I’ve never really paid much attention to dolls until now. I finally got a girl! My precious grand daughter! The dolls that are out for little girls are horrible! I’ve never heard of these dolls, but I LOVE THEM!!!

  4. Betherina says

    What a great alternative to Barbie! My five-year-old daughter loves dolls, therefore her 16-month sister does as well. Since they ALSO have a 14 year-old sister, I am always trying to make sure they little ones don’t try to grow up too quickly! (Well, the oldest, too, lol).

  5. Amy Kelley says

    These look so nice. We don’t do Barbie in our house either. I just don’t even like the type of play that Barbie would encourage. But, my 5 year old seems to love things like this. Right now she plays with her fisher price dollhouse dolls.

  6. says

    Love them! I would love to win this doll for my youngest. She is just getting into this size doll and requested a Barbie and we declined. I would have no problem purchasing this brand for her to play with. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Jacquelin latest thoughts..Tree ~ #FMSphotoadayMy Profile

  7. Laura says

    I love this! I’ve been looking for something for my 5 year old daughter as a replacement for Barbie also.

  8. says

    I really like the look of these dolls also, and for the most part they are attired more appropriately than other dolls are. I too had never heard of them until now.