Stick With It Saturday

This week has been a good week for goals. A really good week. In the week of the month I am supposed to gain, I stayed put. I consider that a loss of some sort. I’ve stuck with my clean eating plan as well, minus a few baby Rolo, and they didn’t even taste good. How’s that for a victory?

Stick With It Saturday

Fitness Goals:

Although I’ve not worked out every single day, I have been very intentional about keeping up with my workouts. I completed two strength workouts, the upper body one having a ton of burpees and other jumps, and I also got in my favorite long Combat workout. I hope to get in another cardio tonight after work since I go in early, but we’ll see.

Stick With It Saturday


Weight-Loss Goals:

I’m creeping ever-so-slowly toward my five pound goal for the month. I suppose it might seem sort of impossible heading into the week of Christmas, but I am keeping positive.

My pants are looser, and I just generally feel more pulled in and lighter.

Clean Eating Goals:

I’ve made it by at work with nuts with sea salt and either applesauce that is natural or fruit in a cup in it’s own juice. Late this week I had small amounts of sweet tea, but I was really mindful of the sugar.

Breakfast is usually egg whites and oatmeal or egg whites and English muffin.  Lunch has consisted of Triscuits and hummus with grapefruit. Dinner has been a sub from Subway at work or a clean dinner.

I’ve inhaled the water and had hot tea with stevia if I needed flavor.

On Sunday we “treated” and ate not only Arby’s but ice cream. I felt like crap AND it didn’t even taste good.

Yesterday I got a fruit parfait as I went into work and it was FABULOUS. I know it had too much sugar, but it was low in calories. I’ll tuck that one away for when I feel like splurging!

How was your fitness week? Fabulous or a struggle?

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  1. says

    *Coming over from the #HelloExercise FB group … Well done on your achievements this week!! You’ve done an incredible job!! I’ve eaten clean, maybe 60% … been splurging on some twisties (chips), chocolate and having a roll at lunch while on holiday. My dinners have been really very clean though, and tonight was the first time I’ve had dessert this week though!! Also my water intake has been much better than normal, though I am still enjoying a glass or two of soft drink through the day :/ … Exercise wise, I am starting slow again (don’t want to trigger my knee injury until I get a chance to see the doc when I get home!), with small groups of either 5-10 sit-ups, pushups, or, yesterday I tried some burpees. Not much, but a little is better than nothing!! :)
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  2. says

    I think at least one meal a day this week has been “party food” for this gathering or that one. I have felt AWFUL, and I needed to read “I felt like crap AND it didn’t even taste good.” You are so right.

  3. Natalie O. says

    Thanks for sharing this Sam. My goal for this weekend is to lay off the cookies. I totally hear you in regards to eating out at Arby’s. It always sounds good, but you never feel good after. It’s hard to learn that lesson! Yesterday I did reach one of my weekly goals of running 1,000 miles outdoors in 2013! It was a pretty big accomplishment for me. Thanks for sharing your fitness goals. I lost a lot of weight in 2012 and maintenance is really important to me, so this is inspiring to read!