Top Five Posts of 2013

It seems as if the year just got started, but here we are wrapping up another one! Being a bit sentimental, I like to look back at my year online and see what interested you the most. It helps me center myself, and helps me to see what you look for so that I can help you better in the future. I’m happy to see a few posts that weren’t written this year on the list, with number one and two included in that list. Don’t ever doubt the power of good evergreen content and social media to keep a post alive!

Top Five 2013

Without further adieu, here is my list of five for 2013.

Salt Dough Ornaments


This salt dough ornament post was actually from last Christmas, and I know it got a bunch of pins helping boost it to number one.

Organizing Makes Me Happy


This organization post is from way back in 2011, when this blog was The Kelley Ei8ht. I think it stays alive with the use of Thirty-One products. People still love and use them!

Five Things Not To Do When You Start Homeschooling

Five Things Not To Do When You Start Homeschooling

For those just starting the homeschooling journey, I put together this post about what not to do. It can also be used if you feel like you’ve lost your intended path and need to start fresh.

Making a Menu


If your family is in a rut, try this simple meal planning printable I put together to get you back on track.

Small Space Homeschooling: Bookcase Organization


Although we have a dedicated schoolroom, at various times we have needed to move downstairs to our dining room. We put our schoolroom back together this summer, even painted the tables, but have found ourselves using the dining room, and this system for organizing your homeschooling in small spaces, once again.

What about you? What posts would you like to see in 2014?

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  1. Rick says

    All of them make me nostalgic – even the organization ones! I love you, and the home we’ve been blessed to share :)