Five Days of Preparing For Your New Homeschool Year Day 5: Schedule Your Days

Today is the last day of preparing for your new homeschool year. With all of the planning leading up today, where do you go now? You need to schedule your days! The basis of this step is simple, and only has two main points. Step one, make a schedule. Step two, use your schedule!!

Five Days of Preparing For Your New Homeschool Year Day 5: Schedule Your Days


Me, keep a schedule?

To be completely transparent, this is the area I waiver in- but I see that it is imperative for our homeschool to run smoothly. Working away from home each day, I know that I couldn’t live without a working, consistent schedule at work. Each shift I know I have certain things I need to complete, with a lunch and two breaks to account for. I have to keep track of my time, and on certain days, when I am in a safety position, I must keep to a rigid checklist covering the entire store with a breakdown of tasks completed, issues needing to be resolved and plans for the next shift.

This is something I really thrive on since I am easily distractible. Knowing what is coming next each day helps keep me centered, and if things fall off track, I have to find a way to fit them in that day, or another day. Keeping a daily schedule will be a blessing not only to your homeschool, but to your family, and every other area of your life together. If your days don’t go well, the weeks won’t either. You will burn out. Homeschooling will become a burden as you try to keep your head above water.

Share your schedule!

Don’t keep it in your head, it won’t help anyone there. Post it in every room if you need to, share it with your husband, write it in your personal planner. There may be some resistance at first, but it won’t be long before everyone will see the benefits of keeping a schedule.

Benefits of a schedule.

Sanity would be the first thing that comes to mind. Ahem. {Someone pass the sanity???} Freedom to do more with the hours after the school day is squared away would be another. If you stick to your guns and get the work done, everyone will have a good chunk of day to do whatever they are interested in. A dependable rhythm of the home will make everyone happy. Just trust me on this one.

Be genuine when making your schedule.

Don’t make unrealistic goals! If you aren’t a morning person, or your kids aren’t, wait school until they will be ready to learn effectively. Don’t set yourself and children up to fail. For us, the night owls, something like math would never be the right first subject to start our day. We begin with Bible, and move on from there.

If you see that there isn’t as much time at the end of the day as you would like, perhaps it is time to sit down and make some decisions. Maybe you have too much going on in they way of clubs, co-ops, or sports. {Yes, this is really possible.} Make sure your family has some down time, you need it to get ready for the next day, or semester of homeschooling.

I have so enjoyed this series, and you had better believe that I am not just writing about them! I do each of these steps in my own homeschool, and hope they help you with yours. Feel free to ask away if you have any questions!

Five Days of Preparing For Your New Homeschool Year Day 5: Schedule Your Days

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  1. Nicole says

    I’m starting my 2nd year of homeschooling, and I was feeling mommy guilt because I’m PLANNING and SCHEDULING for my only child’s (then) pre-kindergarten and now kindergarten. Can’t he just play for another year? I’d rather be a more go with the flow mom/teacher. But I just can’t function that way. My son thrives on knowing what to expect and I don’t DO anything if I don’t have something as simple as a checklist to keep me accountable. So this year is practice for when my state’s requirements do kick in (they don’t care for another couple years), to give us some time to get in the habit.