Pinterest: DIY in Action- Balloon Celebration Wreath

Today I had planned to show you more than one project. However, my other projects are rather large, and may be coming to you in more than one Pinterest post in the coming months. The project I do have is something that I put together to show that our family is celebrating a special event, the Balloon Celebration Wreath!

Pinterest: DIY in Action- Balloon Celebration Wreath |

First, let me say that this is a super fun project. It is also impossible to mess up, because if it were, I would have done it! I will also note that I missed the floral pins at Walmart on my first trip, so I bought them at Michael’s. HUGE mistake! They were three times the cost with few pins inside. I ended up running out and finding them at Walmart on my second try. The quality of the pin was the same, but for as many as you use with this project, do yourself a favor and skip the craft stores!

{I used a tutorial similar to this one.}

Supplies for Celebration Wreath

  • wreath form
  • floral pins
  • balloons {in color(s) of choice, I used both 7 and 9 inch}
  • ribbon

Pinterest: DIY in Action- Balloon Celebration Wreath |

The tutorial I looked at had me using a straw form with the plastic still on. I was instructed to use one balloon per pin, and I ended up using a few hundred balloons. My guess is 400. I was really busy and on a tight schedule and things got a little harried… anywho, the more balloons you use, the more full your wreath will become.  More is more.

Pinterest: DIY in Action- Balloon Celebration Wreath |

I tried to keep my balloons as tightly together as possible, and although I didn’t follow a specific pattern, I did make sure that a color wasn’t right beside the same color for this particular wreath.

Pinterest: DIY in Action- Balloon Celebration Wreath |

 The Result

Pinterest: DIY in Action- Balloon Celebration Wreath |

I adore the way this wreath came out. I have used it for two birthdays since I put it together. It is fun, colorful, and easy to put together. I was a stress-free project as well, and seems like it will hold up well over time. In fact, I like it so much that I will be making more  for other occasions that I don’t currently have a wreath.

Changes For Next Time

There are several different looks on Pinterest that I am planning to try, but I already know that I will do a few things differently next time.

  • No straw wreath. It was very stubborn and made my fingers extremely sore from pushing the pins in. Sometime the straw just wouldn’t budge, so I had to move a bit to get it in. Next time I will be using a foam wreath for sure!
  • Two balloons instead of one. Those pins are really sized better for two balloons at a time, so I plan to take advantage of that next time.

This to me is a definite flip! I just think it is so festive and cheerful! Click on the image below to see if my friends had as much success as I did!

Pinterest: DIY in Action- Balloon Celebration Wreath |


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