Five Benefits of an Organized Homeschool

Five Benefits of an Organized Homeschool

Is an organized homeschool a priority or  a pipedream in your home? Do you think organization is just another thing on your list of things you can’t ever get done? If you have a messy homeschool room, do you know what the benefits would be if you got the clutter under control? Is the extra […]

Curriculum Yard Sale

Homeschool Yard Sale

We are in a major purge mode in our home. Right now I am getting rid of everything that hasn’t worked for us, or we don’t have room for. With this minimalism, I feel so much lighter, and I hope you can find something you are looking for that will bless your family. These items […]

Top Five Posts of 2013

Top Five 2013

It seems as if the year just got started, but here we are wrapping up another one! Being a bit sentimental, I like to look back at my year online and see what interested you the most. It helps me center myself, and helps me to see what you look for so that I can […]

When Not to Panic

When Not To Panic

Life can be incredibly chaotic. I’m trying really hard not to panic. In every single corner of my life I know I am failing in some capacity. I’m working at minimum capacity constantly. I get the big things done, like Bible study, workouts and homeschool before work, but I’m falling behind in everything else. I […]

10 Days of Creating the Perfect Planner Day 10: Plan!!!

10 Days of Creating the Perfect Planner Day 10: Plan!!!

I made it!! I always wondered if I could make it through a 10 day series, and I actually did it! So, now that you have planned to plan, and you’ve built your planner, are you actually planning? Plan to plan! For me, when my system isn’t working I fail to plan very often, and […]

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