|New Homeschooler|

So, you have decided to homeschool. Congratulations!

If you are like me, I then had a million questions! I have a list of some of your first steps to starting your homeschool.
  • If your children just left public school-take a break! Give everyone some much needed time to unwind from that environment.
  • Learn about homeschooling methods. {This page also has links to some curriculum that uses each method.}
  • Ask other homeschooling families who use the same method you think would suit your family to look at their curriculum and see if you still like it. {If you don’t know of any, find a helpful blogger, or Facebook friend.}
  • Consider an online community where you can learn about methods, curriculum, and talk to other moms just like you, like The Homeschool Lounge .
  • Find out what is most important to you concerning homeschooling- booksmarts, college goals, character training, solid foundation of faith? {Write down yearly}

and then-

  • Make a goal for getting there. {Again, put it on paper!}
  • Start making a list of what you think will fit your family, just be sure to use a pencil.
  • Make a rough draft of your school calendar.
  • Be flexible! Homeschooling is a work in progress. Your family and situation will change, don’t expect to get it all right the first year, you are learning too!
  • Pray. For strength, understanding, and patience.

Rinse and repeat. If you have any questions, feel free to email me using the my social media buttons- or email at samsnoggin at live dot com if you don’t have Outlook. I promise I will get back to you.

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